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DISH vs. DIRECTV - Compare and Decide for Yourself!
Most people do not know that direct sat tv is available from only 2 providers, DISH Network and DIRECTV. Many wonder why this is so. As the science behind satellite service is new and complex, many are unable to make a choice. You can rest assured that you will become a satellite television expert by the time you are finished reading this page! All it takes is about four minutes of your time to become an expert on the most outstanding features of both DISH Network and DIRECTV.
  Did You Know?

Satellite television is currently the dominating form of entertainmnet in over 25 million households? Much buzz has been generated over the enhanced sound and picture quality possible only with satellite service. The truth of the matter is that most Americans like to be a part of cutting edge technology still on the ground floor - especially when that technology is affordable. Here's why satellite television is a win-win:

Crystal clear 100% digital reception
Promotional packages are less than cable
High quality digital audio enrichment Access multiple premium sports program favorites
Your favorite program is always on Access premium, in-demand international programs
Choose from hundreds of channels 95% local channel availability
Playback entire season of your favorite shows Promotional packages include free hd equipment

Direct Delivery of Your TV Entertainment

With a satellite connection, you get a 100% digital feed of clean and clear digital quality reception and sound. At the helm are both DISH Network and DIRECTV. The feed is delivered directly to your house, eliminating the middle man; unlike cable which involves multiple network reconfigurations and degrades the clarity of sound and vision. Here are a few of the enticers satellite TV providers are offering:n.

A Summary of Their Current Offerings

Free standard 4-room installation

Free standard 4-room installation
Free Starz! Super Pack Free month of programming
Prices start at $19.99 per month. Prices start at $14.99/month
Free DISH DVR upgrade DIRECTV DVR $100 rebate
Free HDTV equipment upgrade HDTV programming specials
HDTV programming specials

You Pick: DISH vs DIRECTV Programming

Who offers the best channel selection? A closer look at the individual channels may be the best way to make this decision, as each provider offers something different..
What DISH Network excels in is the area of International Programming options – offering over 19 language venues, including the popular South Asian packages as well as other favorites!
Where DIRECTV scores is in the Sports Programming vicinity. Tune into the NFL Sunday Ticket™ and other notable sporting favorites..

Only Offered through DISH Network and DIRECTV


  • Unbeatable Channel Selection:Over 340 on DISH Network. Over 250 with DIRECTV.
  • International Excellence: Access International channels at both DISH Network and DIRECTV.
  • Promotional Offers: DISH Network and DIRECTV offer free 4-room installation and FREE equipment.
  • Local Channels: Get most local channels in digital quality reception.
  • Premium Sports Packages: Get multiple in-demand Sports programming, like NFL Sunday Ticket™ as part of your package.

DISH Network vs. DIRECTV Equipment - Free with Satellite TV

Satellite TV has two advantages that may not be available through most cable providers:

1) An abundance of High-Definition digital broadcast channels
2) Ability to use Digital Video Recorders.

Here's the advantages of each:
High-Definition (HDTV) Broadcasts
HDTV is a new way of watching television with a much advanced resolution. It broadcasts more detail and quality than analog television. An HDTV receiver and HDTV capable TV is required to view these satellite TV broadcasts.
Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)
DVRs offer digital quality reception and sound, in addition to providing advanced personalization features. Fast-forward through commercials. Pause and replay. TiVo® your favorites so you can watch them on your own time. Get rid of bulky video cassettes. DVRs have more than apt storage capacity. Check out the dual tuner models which allow you to record one program while viewing another!
DISH Network Equipment

DISH Network packages include both Free DVR and HDTV equipment, and up to 4 rooms professionally installed.
DIRECTV Equipment

DIRECTV DVR and HDTV programming specials include free DVR or HD receiver upgrades with $100 mail-in rebates and the up to 4 rooms professionally installed.

DISH vs DIRECTV: Making the Final Decision

If you're still subscribing to cable television, you're paying too much. With satellite TV, you WILL get more channels for less money. All equipment and installation charges are included. No hidden fees, ever. Both DISH Network and DIRECTV currently offer competitively-priced packages with exceptional values thrown in.
Next steps: You may be ready to order or you may just want more information on either satellite TV provider. Either way, you can take advantage of the available special pricing before these offers expire. Start taking your television viewing to an enjoyment level you've yet to experience!

Programming 250+  available channels 340+ available channels
Local Channels 90% coverage 95% coverage
Digital Channels 100% 100%
Premium Movie Packages HBO The Works
STARZ Super Pack
Showtime Unlimited
Playboy Channel
STARZ Super Pack
Showtime Unlimited
Adult Channels
Sports Package • NBA League Pass
• NHL Center Ice
• ESPN Game Plan College Football
• MLB Extra Innings
• ESPN Full Court College Basketball
• MLS Direct Kick
• Multi-Sport Package (20+ channels)
• NBA League Pass
• NHL Center Ice
• ESPN Game Plan College Football
• MLB Extra Innings
• ESPN Full Court College Basketball
• MLS Direct Kick
NFL Sunday Ticket
Audio Offers all standard music video channels (MTV, VH1, CMT and many others) in all programming packages.

Premium subscribers receive 30+ Sirius music channels for free.
Offers all standard music video channels (MTV, VH1, CMT and many others) in all programming packages.

60+ digital audio DIRECT TV channels
HDTV 140+ channels of HD:
Packages include ESPN HD, Discovery HD TheaterTM, TNT HD, HDNet and HDNet Movies.

Premium channels like HD HBO and Showtime plus local channels with HD broadcasts.
Total of 180+ HDTV channels plus all NFL Sunday Ticket games:
 ESPN HD, ESPN2 HD, Discovery HD Theater™, HDNet, HDNet Movies and Universal HD.

Premium channels like HD HBO and Showtime plus local channels with HD broadcasts.
International Programming 19 languages:
(African, Arabic, Armenian, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Greek, Korean, South Asian, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Urdu, Farsi, Israeli, Portuguese, Tagalog)
9 languages:
(Cantonese, Filipino, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Mandarin, Spanish, Tamil, and Vietnamese)
DVR 200 hours of DVR in 2 rooms
$6.00/month with 9-day program guide
500 hours of DVR in 1 room
Additional TVs $7.00/month 3rd & each additional TV $6.00/month2nd & each additional TV
Packages & Pricing
America's Family plan - $19.99
(55+ channels)
America's Top 120 - $29.99
(130+ channels)
America's Top 200 - $39.99
(300+ channels)
America's "Everything" Pak (top 180 plus 4 movie packs) $74.99 - (315+ channels)

* All DISH Network prices are currently available promotional specials
Entretainment choice® - $29.99
(140+ channels)
CHOICE® - $34.99
(185+ channels)
CHOICE EXTRA® - $39,99
(205+ channels)
CHOICE ULTIMATE® - $49.99 (225+ channels)
Free standard installation
Free Starz! Super Pack
Promotional packages from $19.99/month.
Up to 6 Rooms for free
Free HDTV equipment
HDTV programming specials
Free standard installation Free HBO, Starz, Showtime and Cinemax
Promotional packages from $14.99/month
Up to 4 rooms for free.
DIRECTV DVR $100 rebate
HDTV programming specials
Activation $0 $0
Shipping Fees $0 $0
Popularity/Size 12+ million subscribers 13+ million subscribers
Install Time 1-7 days 1-7 days
Portability When Moving Yes Yes
Contract None required 1 year

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